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Home Automation

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Home Automation Services in Dallas & Ft. Worth, TX

Smart Home Automation in Dallas – Ft. Worth

Smart homes first became feasible as long ago as 1975, but they weren’t very accessible to the masses until recently. As technology becomes more powerful and more affordable, individuals and businesses everywhere are using it to automate their homes and take greater control of their daily lives. Some of the greatest technical minds in the world have found a way to integrate normal household items with the Internet to enable increased function and convenience.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a blanket term used to describe the way people control their homes and businesses using innovative technology. Smart home systems can connect entertainment devices like smart TVs, security systems, lighting, appliances, and more to the Internet.

Most leading smart home systems allow people to control every connected facet of their home through either a smart device, a universal control interface, or both.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation?

There are too many benefits of home automation to count, and certainly too many to list here. At a glance, though, here are some of the most popular reasons people choose to turn their house into a smart home:

  • Security – Do you ever wonder if you locked the front door before heading to work or getting in bed? Now you don’t have to worry about it. Simply open your app, check the lock, and engage the deadbolt if needed. You can also close your garage and arm your security system with the push of a button. Any connected security systems will send their feeds directly to your phone.
  • Entertainment – You have a remote for your TV, your surround sound system, your streaming device, and on and on. That’s a great way to make entertainment stressful. Stop losing all your other remotes in the couch cushions, and start controlling your whole entertainment system through your smart home interface. You can even set an entertainment sequence to combine functions. For example, you can fire up the projector, close the blinds, and dim the lights all with the push of a single button.
  • Lights and Temperature – Integrate your lights and thermostat with your smart home system, and you’ll experience a whole new level of convenience. When you’re ready for bed, you can lower the temperature in your room, turn off all the lights, and prepare to settle in for the night.
  • Other Appliances – Almost everything in your home can be connected to your home automation system. Start your coffee maker from bed, get the oven preheated during your commute home, or turn on your sprinklers from the other side of the globe. The possibilities are endless!
Smart Home Installation in Dallas Fort Worth

When you’re looking for home automation services, look no further than BTZ Audio Video, LLC. We’ve been finding innovative solutions for people in Dallas and Fort Worth since 2003. We understand that every person and every home is different, so we treat every smart home installation as a custom job. We even install smart technology for commercial properties. After visiting your home or business and getting to know you, our designers will create a plan that’s been tailor-made just for you.

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In other words, you’ll get all the features you want without paying for anything you don’t need. Our focus on precision and customization at BTZ Audio Video, LLC. allows us to perform smart home installations of any size and scope on a reasonable budget.

Let’s talk about how you can get the most from your smart home, communication systems, and entertainment devices. Contact us today, and we’ll put one of our home automation experts on your project!